Brice Morin's website

I am a Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF Digital, Oslo, Norway.

My mission is to provide automated software engineering tools for exploiting and amplifying the diversity available at all levels in modern software stacks. Through automated diversity, my goal is to make complex software-intensive systems more resilient, and ideally immune, to known and unknown factors such as failures or attacks.

This journey started back in 2007 during my PhD, when I explored how models@runtime could be used to specify, monitor and control the runtime diversity in dynamically adaptive systems, allowing the system to adapt to varying conditions in its execution environment. Later, before Docker and microservices, I contributed to CloudML together with Nicolas Ferry and Franck Chauvel, a models@runtime approach for Cloud apps. CloudML helped developers deploy their apps on top of multiple cloud providers, increasing availability and preventing vendor lock-in. These days, I'm using Docker as a key instrument supporting my research, helping me to experiment with diverse versions of the same systems.

Over the past 10 years and together with Franck Fleurey, I have been actively developing and using ThingML, a modeling language and family of compilers for asynchronous, distributed systems. From an abstract ThingML specifications, it is possible to generate fully operational code for C, Go, Java and JavaScript communicating over different protocols (MQTT, Serial, Websocket and so on). I am using ThingML as a tool to amplify diversity.